I am Brazilian artist and researcher, currently based in New York. My art work builds narratives and epistemic genealogies via actions, images, sound, text, interactions and objects. My practice is focused on making experimental models that work to test possible aesthetic, functional and theoretical scenarios. Each project has its own visual and conceptual language. Memory, identity and politics have been recurrent themes of my work, both autonomously and in collaboration with other artists.

My art practice emerged as a way to challenge my rational analytical thinking and evolved to be an essential part of my existence, both as a language, and as a space for freedom of experimentation and creation. In my earlier practice, the interest for the body, society, culture and memory prevailed, often with touches of social critique and conceptualism. In a second period, inaugurated with my move to New York in 2014, formalism and abstraction, with a dosis of mysticism, predominated over the conceptualism and social critique that had guided my practice up to then. Investigations on line, shape, color, form and materials developed into a somewhat geometrically abstract imagery that I call my meditative body of work, an effort calm the mind. Recently I've been interested in energy tranfer (conservation, expenditure, entropy and anti-entropy).

These different approaches coexist in my body of work, and given the extended timelines of several of my art projects, this coexistence is likely to remain part of it.

You can contact me at tooseriousnotsamba@gmail.com

Samples of my graphic art works are available for purchase at ArtSpace

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