Austin, Rio de Janeiro
On going multimedia project
Initiated in 2011

This project is an investigation of the passage of time, memory and amnesia. A metaphor of a displaced identity, of the place 'out of place'. In addition to a subjective and poetic search, the project aims to contribute in the building of a shared memory for a place, which is loosing its historical references amid an aggressive capitalist developmentist dynamic.

During my visits to Austin I interviewed several people and accumulated thousands of photographs, both of the people and the landscape, but also of people's memorablia, including hundreds of old photographs. Most people interviewed reported having lost (or trashed) most documents related to the "old times".

One of this project's goals since its inception was to give back to Austin some sense of identity by organizing a collective archive with the memory of the place. The publishing of a book and an exhibition to take place in Austin are currently in the works. If you are interested in learning more about this project or acessing further material related to Austin, contact me at .

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